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First Coffee Then Colors

First Coffee Then Colors


My color journey by Dana.

I first got into color theory and seasonal color analysis when I was looking to minimize my wardrobe and wanted to find a way to figure out what colors looked good on me.  I (incorrectly) identified myself as an Autumn, and immediately rushed to thrift stores to find some great autumn clothes (which I did- and don't worry I didn't spend too much:)

When I finally got my colors done (i.e. color analysis) I quickly realized I'm a Winter!  It makes me so happy to know what to look for when I'm shopping or just deciding which clothes in my closet weren't for me.  I decided I wanted to share that great feeling with others.  Thus, I became certified as a Four Seasons Color Analyst through Color Me Beautiful and started First Coffee Then Colors.

If you are looking for a speaker/presenter on seasonal color analysis or wardrobe decluttering for an upcoming meeting, conference, or event (both in person or virtual), please reach out! Free or low cost presentations depending on group size, format and location. 

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