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I'm a firm believer that knowing your colors can change your life. 

Here are just a few ways a color analysis can help you:

  • Makes you look younger, more awake, glowing, and brings out your natural beauty

  • Helps streamline your closet because your clothes will all match/ coordinate

  • Simplifies your makeup routine by using the best shades for your skin, hair, and eye color

  • Makes shopping trips a breeze because you know the colors that work for you

Want to look amazing and feel fabulous?
It's time to book your color analysis.


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About First Coffee Then Colors:

Owner Dana Hammond is certified by Color Me Beautiful in both the 4 Seasons and Color Alliance systems of color analysis, as well as Signia Style Analysis. She has taught numerous classes on Color and Style, both in person (in the Hudson Valley) and online.  

For inquiries, email firstcoffeethencolors@gmail.com.

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